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                          Hey there, glad to see you visiting our website! As many visitors may guess, our company Fotec specializes in catering to online casino companies and helping them to create and manage their own mobile casino and desktop casino websites, though we are definitely no strangers to website designs for other types of industries. We have provided such services for a number of different online casino companies, including casino portal new online casinos 2018, Mr Green, Free spins and Casino bonus casino, all of whom have been more than pleased with our services. We visited a gaming conference were we approached many new potential clients. This triggered us to also approach forex operators which we will hopefully work with in the future!?At Fotec, we do everything in our power to make sure that every single advancement in the web design industry is one that we have mastered. No matter if we are asked to design a website in HTML5 or to design it in CSS3, we can get the job done. We believe in a lot of things, but one of the number one things we believe with all of our might is that the customer is always right. Our jobs are done to the letter, and while we may try to steer your website in a different direction if we feel that it needs to go in that direction, we will always make sure to give them the website that they want to have when all is said and done. So no matter what gimmick you want your website to have, no matter what visual style you want it to have, no matter what audience your website is aiming to attract, we can make it work for you and your website. We know that a lot of companies like to make that promise – “oh, we can make anything work for you! You just tell us, and we will be there with bells on.” It is only very rarely that you actually experience a company like us that is actually willing to give you what you want and put in the effort to make sure that what you want is what you truly want.

                          Based out of Sliema, Malta, our company is a little new and a little small (our staff is only 18 strong!), but hey, sometimes the best companies out there are the ones with fresh eyes and the ones that have a small core of people. Ultimately, we feel that our size and age are benefits to our job. Where an older company may think that they are on top of the world and try to charge you an arm and a leg in return for a second nose, we care about earning your trust. We aren’t in the market to earn money on shoddy work – if we can’t produce a website for a company, especially one in the industry of our specificity, then we should not be earning. Further, in a company with hundreds of employees, can you really trust that they are so tightly knitted together that they could be as efficient, cooperative, and caring of not only one another but the customers they serve? They may try, most certainly, but here at Fotec, we do.

                          Web design has, over time, become a lot easier than it was; at least, it’s easier to make a passable website (does anyone remember making websites on Geocities or Angelfire? Those sure were the days!). And while it may seem like professional website designers are not as relevant anymore, in fact we are more necessary than ever before. Sure, you can make an OKAY website pretty easily, a serviceable one, but that’s it. Having only the basic (or below basic) level of knowledge with respect to website design is not going to be enough to make your new website stand out from all of the other ones like it. By going with a professional website designer, you can rest assured that you are going to be more than satisfied with our work. When we are finished with your website and the dust clears, you will see something that stands out from the crowd.

                          Our website will hopefully offer you greater insight into the inner machinations of our company. You can learn more about how the company came to be, learn more about the staff that works there, and even listen to testimonials about the quality of work from not only online casino website owners, but the staff themselves! The work we have done over the years on these websites has been a privilege, and we cannot imagine doing anything else. One of the other ventures that is being supported is online foreign currency trading. We have several online Forex brokers that are supporting us.

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